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Splice Cassette UHD Series
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Splice Cassette UHD Series


Splice Cassette UHD Series splice cassettes and enclosures support up to 120-Fibers per RU and are classified as high density (UHD) products.

One rack unit supports up to 5 UHD Series ARIA Splice Cassettes (ASCs) with support for 24-Fibers each.

The cassette features a compact footprint, intuitive fiber management, support for ribbon fiber, and maintains accessible ports with an ultra high density classification.

The supporting enclosure features a front management tray, removable rear management tray, removable door with port ID chart, and multiple rack mounting positions.

ASC HD Series Cassette


Dimensions (Inches)
1.44 x 3.35 x 5.50 (HxWxD)
Fiber Capacity
24 LC
ARIA Splice Cassette UHD Series Enclosures
ABS Plastic
Material Finish
Black with a Clear Lid
Weight (Empty) (lbs)

Cassette Features

  • UHD Series ASC Cassettes provide UHD connectivity in a compact footprint without sacrificing connector port or fiber accessibility

  • Simply press the locking tab above the ports to release the cassette from the enclosure

  • The cassette has an intuitive interior with numerous fiber management guides that provide separation between components and promote ease of use.

  • Patch & Splice, MPO Plug & Play, or Pre-Term configurations available

  • Tie-wrap, cable clamp, or compression fitting cable attachment options

  • VFL compatible connectors with translucent shutters provide enhanced dust protection

ASC UHD Series 1RU Enclosure


Rack Units
Dimensions (Inches)
1.55 x 17.5 x 11.8 (HxWxD)
Dimensions Without Rear Management Tray
1.55 x 17.5 x 8.8 (HxWxD)
ASC UHD Capacity
Fiber Capacity
120 (LC)
19” Frames
1.5mm Thick Aluminum
Material Finish
Black Powder Coat
Weight (Empty) (lbs)

Enclosure Features

  • The rear cable management tray provides fiber organization flexibility and can be removed to reduce the overall depth of the panel if needed.
  • The removable front door accommodates a port ID chart for easy identification.
  • The rackmount brackets support multiple mounting positions and can be lowered onto rack screws.

Removable Rear Management Tray

The panel can be modified to fit in spaces with limited clearance by removing the rear management tray to create a more compact enclosure.

The rear tray easily detaches by loosening the two thumbscrews on the left and right side.

VFL Compatible Shuttered LC Adapters


Micro Compression Fitting
Two-Piece Cable Clamp

Part Number

All singlemode fiber optic cable assemblies provided by ARIA Technologies, Inc. are tested to: Telcordia GR-326 Issue 4 Specifications