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Service Cables (Node Tails)
Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

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Service Cable (Node Tail)


ARIA Service Cables (Node Tails) provide connectivity to
an Optical Network Unit (ONU).

These optical amplifier drop cable assemblies feature
a rugged design and eliminate the need for additional
splice points and hardware at the amplifier location.

This unique product provides the end-user with the
ability to configure the system with pre-terminated cables
dropped at the node location and splice enclosure.

Cable lengths up to 1,000 feet can be supplied to
eliminate additional splice points, hardware, and labor
time at the node location.

To guarantee the flexibility necessary inside the amplifier
or node housing, different fanout support tube lengths
and a variety of fiber optic connector types are available.


The furcation unit terminates the cable with 2.0mm fan-out tubes for each 250μm fiber.

The entry connector encloses the outside plant cable with a waterproof connection that secures the armored jacket if present and provides a stable strong connection to the amplifier housing using the industry standard thread size.

The connectors and fibers can be fed into the amplifier housing from the outside.

In order to prevent water penetration with any entry connector, use Raychem or Canusa epoxy lined heatshrink with moisture block. This will also resist potential destructive forces on the cable. 8 inches of Canusa epoxy lined heat shrink, connector cleaning instructions, and installation instructions are included with each Service Cable.


  • Available in cable lengths up to 1,000 feet

  • Standard lengths are 25, 50, 75, 100, and 150 feet

  • Provides protection against inside and outside water penetration when coupled with heatshrink

  • The Opto-Entry fitting eliminates pistoning of the cable core and provides a pull strength of 450 lbs

  • Rugged design

  • Provides time savings and easy installation

  • Guarantees maximum clearance inside the amplifier housing

  • Average UPC Return Loss: -55dB

  • Average APC Return Loss: -65dB

90 Degree Fitting Available

Node Tail Shown Attached

Part Number

All singlemode fiber optic cable assemblies provided by ARIA Technologies, Inc. are tested to: Telcordia GR-326 Issue 4 Specifications