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Jumpers (Patch Cords)
Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

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Jumper (Patch Cord)

ARIA Technologies offers a complete line of simplex and duplex jumpers in singlemode and multimode configurations with Corning and Prysmian/Draka fiber.

All jumpers are manufactured to meet or exceed Telcordia GR326-CORE Issue 4 specifications.

They are tested for proper endface clarity, insertion loss, return loss, and endface geometry to ensure peak optical performance.

ARIA patch cords are available in a variety of fiber types, jacket sizes, flame/smoke ratings, and connector types.

Endface Clarity, Insertion & Return Loss Testing

Endface Clarity is the cleanliness and smoothness of the connector endface

Insertion Loss refers to the amount of optical power lost through a jumper

Return Loss refers to the optical power reflected at the connector toward the source

Endface Geometry Testing

Radius of curvature is the roundness of the ferrule’s endface
Fiber height is the height or depth that the fiber core protrudes or undercuts the ferrule endface
Apex offset is the distance between the highest point of the polished ferrule’s endface and the fiber’s axis

Testing Requirements

Endface Clarity
No scratches, pits, dirt, or oil at 400x magnification
Insertion Loss (dB)
0.20 Maximum, <0.15 Typical
MPO Insertion Loss (dB)
0.75 (Singlemode), 0.60 (Multimode), 0.35 (Elite)
Return Loss (dB)
<-55 (UPC Connectors), <-65 (APC)
Radius of Curvature (mm)
7 to 25 (UPC and MM Connectors), 5 to 12 (APC)
Fiber Height (nm)
±50 (UPC and MM Connectors), ±100 (APC)
Apex Offset (µm)

Connector Examples

SC/APC Simplex
SC/UPC Duplex
LC/UPC Duplex
ST Duplex OM2
LC/UPC 50° Boot
LC Duplex OM3
LC/UPC Simplex Blue

Jumper Examples

SC/APC to FC/APC Simplex
SC/UPC to LC/UPC Simplex
SC/UPC to LC/UPC Duplex

High Density Connectors Available

  • SC & LC uniboot connectors reduce fiber congestion

  • LC connectors with pull tabs ease connector insertion and removal

  • LC uniboot polarity switchable connectors reduce fiber congestion and provide polarity flexibility
SC/UPC Uniboot
LC/UPC Uniboot
LC/UPC Simplex with Flat Pull Tab
LC/UPC Uniboot with 20mm Pull Tab
LC/UPC Uniboot with 40mm Pull Tab
LC/UPC Uniboot Polarity Switchable with Pull Tab

Switching the Polarity on the Uniboot LC Polarity Switchable Connector

Insert a small tool into the sides of the connector housing and remove the lid
Switch the Connector Positions
Replace the Lid

Switching the Polarity on the Uniboot LC Polarity Switchable Connector

Rotate the Connector 180° and Unlock the Pull Tab

Remove the Pull Tab and Rotate it 180°

Install the Pull Tab

Armored Jumper Cable Available

Flexible spiral armor provides superior crush resistance

CS and SN Connectors Available

Extremely high density 1.25mm (LC) ferruled connectors designed for next generation transceiver and datacenter applications

Part Number

All singlemode fiber optic cable assemblies provided by ARIA Technologies, Inc. are tested to: Telcordia GR-326 Issue 4 Specifications