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IP68 Rated Cable Assemblies
Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

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IP68 Rated Cable Assembly


IP68 Rated Cable Assemblies have weatherproof metal ruggedized connectors and are available in 2-24 fibers.

Based on the N-Type RF threaded connector housing, this interconnect system provides superior optical performance in outdoor environments using LC-style 1.25mm ceramic ferrules for ODLC connectors and MT-style ferrules for ODMC-12/24 connectors.

The corrosion resistant metal housing provide a durable and environmentally protected solution for optical connectivity in areas exposed to elements such as rain, snow, dirt, and other types of contamination.

These assemblies mate using a plug and socket interface.




  • Meets IP68 Standards and designed for harsh environment applications

  • The threaded locking mechanism requires no tools for insertion or removal ensuring an easy and safe installation

  • Indoor/outdoor or outdoor rated cable available in 5.0 or 7.0mm jacket sizes with singlemode or multimode fiber

  • Compact socket and plug design

  • Fulfills performance standard IEC 61753-1 Cat. E

  • Waterproof, dust proof and corrosion resistant

  • Waterproof protection caps

  • EMI protected

  • RoHs compliant


  • Outdoor events, shows, or anywhere rugged or
    weatherproof connectivity is required


  • FTTA cell tower Remote Radio Units (RRU) or RRH

  • Industrial machinery or diagnostic equipment

IP68 Rated

Solid Particle Protection
IP First Digit Rating Level: 6

Totally protected against dust ingress (dust-tight).

Liquid Ingress Protection
IP Second Digit Rating Level: 8

Protected from water ingress while immersed in deep water.


ODLC-2/4 Technology
Full Ceramic Ferrule and Sleeve
ODMC-12/24 Technology
Plastic Ferrule (PPS)
Housing Material
Nickel-Plated Brass
Plug Mechanical Performance
≤ 800 N Tensile Load and ≤ 30 N Static Side Load
Socket Mechanical Performance)
≤ 30 N Tensile Load
Installation Torque Force
Min. 1 Nm and Max. 2 Nm
Operating Temperature (IEC 61300-2-22)
−40 up to +85 °C
Mating Durability
1000 Cycles
Ingress protection (mated) (IEC 60529)
IP 68
Salt mist (IEC 61300-2-26)
Passed 30 days
Vibration (IEC 61300-2-1)
Passed 10 to 500 Hz/10 g
Shock (IEC 61300-2-9)
Passed 100 g
ODLC-2/4 Insertion Loss (IEC 61300-3-34)
Typical: ≤ 0.20 dB, Max: 0.35 dB
ODMC-12/24 Insertion Loss (IEC 61300-3-34)
Typical: ≤ 0.35 dB, Max: 0.45 dB
ODLC-2/4 Return Loss (SM Only)
Typical: -55 dB, Max: -50 dB
ODMC-12/24 Return Loss (SM Only)
Typical: -65 dB, Max: -60 dB



Part Number

All singlemode fiber optic cable assemblies provided by ARIA Technologies, Inc. are tested to: Telcordia GR-326 Issue 4 Specifications