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Adapters, Plates, and Pigtails
Adapters, Plates, Pigtails, Attenuators, and Reflectors

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Adapters, Plates, and Pigtails


ARIA Adapter Plates are available in 6, 8, 12, and 24-port designs equipped with adapters only or with adapters and pigtail fanouts.

Our singlemode adapter sleeves are made of ceramic and multimode adapter sleeves are made of phosphor bronze for frequent connector mating and demating endurance.

Adapter plates are available in the LGX, CCH, and SMP type footprints. Corning equivalent footprint adapter plates accommodate the CCH, PCH, CCS, WCH, ICH, EDC, and FZB housing families.

The pigtails fanouts are 100% tested for insertion loss, return loss, and endface clarity. They are available in 900 μm in mesh, distribution style (MIC), or ribbon in mesh configurations with singlemode or multimode fiber.

Pigtail Fanout Examples

LGX 12-Fiber Distribution Style (MIC) SC/APC
CCH 12-Fiber Distribution Style (MIC) SC/APC

Adapter Plate Formats


Pigtail Types

900μm in Mesh
Distribution Style (MIC)
Ribbon in Mesh

LGX Adapter Plate Examples

6-Fiber SC/UPC
6-Fiber SC/APC
6-Fiber SC Multimode
6-Fiber SC OM3/OM4
8-Fiber SC/UPC
8-Fiber SC/APC
8-Fiber SC Multimode
8-Fiber SC OM3/OM4
12-Fiber SC/UPC
12-Fiber SC/APC
12-Fiber SC Multimode
12-Fiber SC OM3/OM4
12-Fiber LC/UPC
12-Fiber LC/APC
12-Fiber Multimode
12-Fiber OM3/OM4
24-Fiber LC/UPC
24-Fiber LC/APC
24-Fiber LC Multimode
24-Fiber LC OM3/OM4
6-Fiber ST
6-Fiber FC
8-Fiber ST
8-Fiber FC
12-Fiber ST
12-Fiber FC

Pigtail Testing Procedure

Part Number

All singlemode fiber optic cable assemblies provided by ARIA Technologies, Inc. are tested to: Telcordia GR-326 Issue 4 Specifications