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FBG Reflectors
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FBG Reflectors


Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Reflectors are installed at an ONU to reflect 1650nm signals from an OTDR for line testing purposes from the OLT, while the working bands of the PON are transmitted normally.

When the reflected signal has low loss, the circuit is functioning properly, when the loss is significant, the circuit has an issue, and when no signal is returned, the optical circuit is broken.

They are available with SC or LC connector types in a female to male adapter configuration or in a pigtail configuration.

The adapter configuration works similar to an attenuator and can be added to any existing connector.

The pigtail configuration has the FBG inside the ferrule and can be made into an assembly or spliced.

Customized reflect wavelengths available upon request.


  • Compliant with Telcordia GR-326-CORE,
    GR-1221-CORE, and RoHS
  • High stability and reliability
  • Low insertion loss


Pass Band Wavelength Range (nm)
Reflect Band Wavelength Range (nm)
Pass Band IL (1260~1360 / 1460~1600 / 1600~1625 nm) (dB)
≤1.4 / ≤1.4 / ≤3.4
Pass Band ORL (1260~1580 / 1580~1620 / 1620~1625 nm) (dB)
>35 / >30 / >25
Reflect Band IL (1644.5~1655.5nm) (dB)
Reflect Band ORL (1644.5~1655.5nm) (dB)
PDL (1260~1600nm) (dB)
Ripple (1644.5~1655.5nm) (dB)
PMD (1260~1600nm) (ps)
Maximum Optical Power Handling (dBm)
Fiber Type
Singlemode G.657.A2
Working / Storage Temperature (°C)
-25~+65 / -40~+85
Working / Storage Humidity (%RH)

Part Number

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