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Welcome to ARIA

ARIA Technologies is an industry leading designer, manufacturer, and provider of fiber optic connectivity products located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our commitment to responsive, informative, timely, and knowledgeable customer service and support makes ARIA stand out among suppliers.

Dedication to customer satisfaction allows us to provide innovative, performance driven, high quality products that transform the telecommunications industry.

We specialize in the manufacturing of high performance fiber optic cable assemblies and enclosures.

Our product offering includes: jumpers (patch cords), multi-fiber cable assemblies, rackmount enclosures, wallmount enclosures, and fiber optic and copper based network components.

Featured Products
RDR Series Rackmount Enclosures RDR Series
Sliding tray provides quick component access and supports up to 288 fibers. 1RU, 2RU, or 4RU available. Specifications
Multi-Fiber Cable Assemblies Multi-Fiber Cable Assemblies Highly customizable and rigorously tested. Available with any cable, fiber, connector, and breakout type. Specifications

Tri-Panel Series Wallmount Enclosures Tri-Panel Series
Folding design requires less wall space and supports up to 144 fibers. Various sizes available. Specifications
Fiber Optic Jumpers Patch Cords Jumpers
(Patch Cords)
High quality low loss simplex or duplex jumpers available with any fiber and connector type. Specifications